Parents Have the Awesome Opportunity to Create a Nurturing Relationship with Their Children.

Dessia Crawmer, LCSW


dog, Pink Nose Princess SophieAs a young mother glances into her daughter’s room, she notices her child sleeping. The mother walks over and glides her hand across the girl’s forehead. Dark curls ripple along the child’s ears. The father slips into the room and drapes his arm around his wife’s shoulder. Focused on their daughter’s deep rhythmic breathing, the couple is aware of the awesome gift they possess. The power to skillfully mold their child’s future firmly lies within their grasp. Parenting a child illuminates a path for experiencing the depths of love, unlike any other human dynamic.
Appreciate and honor yourself as you contemplate your role as a parent. The ability to cultivate positive self esteem for yourself and your children starts with an attitude of gratefulness. Think of one positive trait you and your child possess and repeat the quality with thankfulness throughout the day. This will create an expectation for good and set a positive tone for the whole family.