Clients Praise Practice

Client Experiencing EMDR Therapy Writes:
“Transformed My Life Beyond Anything I Could Imagine.”

   "My emotional, spiritual and physical healing journey with Dessia – a wise and compassionate counselor.
   When Dessia's and my path crossed, I stepped into the journey of releasing deeply held issues of abandonment, fear, shame, guilt and anger. I needed someone trustworthy, who is present, authentic, invested, respecting, honoring and could connect with me on a spiritual plane. Dessia did all that for me and "more”. The "more" is EMDR therapy – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This healing technique Dessia so successfully and adeptly employs, has transformed my life beyond anything I could think or imagine. Many painful events of the past that my brain perceived as still happening today, we process through the gentle technique. Through the desensitization and reprocessing, painful events stored in my memory and my body simply fade into the background and disperse like a mist. They no longer interrupt my joy and peace in "the now". The therapy helps break the chains of the past so I can be free to savor the blessings of today and walk the path God has laid for me to give my gifts and live my life purpose. It doesn't get any better than that! To add to the list of EMDR healing bonuses, I also experience diminished physical pain in my body, strengthened immune function, improved digestion, deeper sleep, more energy and clearer focus. As emotional pain releases, physical challenges let go. To top off the list of abundant benefits of this healing work with Dessia, is my new found confidence and physical capacity to pursue a rigorous certification program in health and wellness coaching."

Client Experiencing Therapy Writes:
“I have healed in so many ways.”
   "Dessia has been such a gift to me! She is a sensitive, empathic, and extremely gifted therapist. The breadth and depth of her experience and training has helped me work through many complex issues. I have healed in so many ways through working with her and I always leave a session feeling more hopeful about my future!"