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Teaching Children Resilience Through My Pink Nose Princess Sophie Book Series.


Invest in our children’s future.

Resilient children possess the potential to endure adversity and make their dreams become a reality.

– Dessia Crawmer, LCSW

I have a dream to use my Pink Nose Princess Sophie book series to charm the hearts of children as they read my enchanting tales. Each story models psychological principles that design a road map for achieving emotional balance. I loved reading children’s books when I was a child. The characters demonstrated qualities that taught me how to handle adversity and inspired me to believe that the essence of who I am is worthy and capable of making a difference in world. I would like my book series to be a living stage interweaving royal tales and healthy emotional skills that encourage children to believe in themselves and thrive in challenging life situations.

Parents desire their children to exhibit resilience when facing obstacles. The core values in each royal tale build a foundation to teach children the techniques needed to set boundaries, experience high self esteem, express and regulate emotional states, and enjoy healthy attachment in their friendships. Children who are equipped to face life’s challenges will be more likely to sustain meaningful connections in all areas of their lives. In the back of each book a note to parents is included which addresses the skill being presented with practical guidelines for parents.

I would like to improve the emotional health of our future generation by reaching children through my books.

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Pink Nose Princess Sophie: Secret Adventure At The Arboretum

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Pink Nose Princess Sophie Quote by Dessia Crawmer, LCSW